Predicting the Market demand doesn’t necessarily mean going big to just be sure of your measurement, it is all about making the right moves.
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Easy and Cheap Way to Measure Market Demand

The moment when a light bulb is turned on just above your head comes once in a while to everyone. That moment that you’ve got the perfect idea and the feeling of excitement you feel that you must put it to action at once. Well, a brilliant idea, no matter how brilliant it is, isn’t quantified by the market. So how will you show the world and the possible investors the market demand of your so-called brilliant idea?
This stage of planning requires intricate processes that may not only require time but huge sum of money especially if you’re going to use traditional methods of looking for the overall size of market demand. Well, that is true, but as of today where social networking sites provide free resources for entrepreneurs to gauge the size of market demand, showing your idea to the world won’t be that hard.
First thing you may do is “faking”. In others point of view this may seem a bit unconventional but still the productivity of this method may become a huge help for you to show the market demand of your idea. An online facade of a fake company can be made overnight allowing immediate and reliable feedback directly from the consumers. The investment community will give money to a company that has shown proven market demand by collecting pre-orders or signups from real consumers.
Next, make a use of your own social networking sites to advertise your idea or your product to potential clients willing to offer their feedback. Though it is not recommended that you tell them it was your idea, because it may revoke the authenticity of their feedbacks and may top it up with cherries.
It will also be good to search the web of possible market demand similar to your idea. This may strengthen your resolve of your idea or it may just kill it when you find something disappointing. Through searches you may also find other businesses in the same industry that could provide a strong indication of the market demand opportunity.
When you have that Bulb light of idea up, don’t cover your ears from ideas or other comments. Be flexible. A couple of changes aren’t bad as long as it contributes to the increase of market demand of your idea.