Cellphones become a commodity for us, what I think is that people can’t live without cellphone. It is proven because if increasing market demand of smartphones every year.
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Market Demand of Smart Phones in 2014

Despite of global economic crisis consumers’ number of device purchases increase gradually. In 2014, manufacturers will present an unprecedented range of low-cost options designed to boost smartphone sales in developing markets, all the while continuing to innovate in the high-end smartphone sector. Because of increasing market demand for smartphone, this coming 2014 the smartphone market will represent a wider variety of devices than ever before.
Nowadays even if we only have low budget we can still buy smartphones with very high speed networks and come at half the price of the high end devices from Apple, Samsung or Sony. The market demand of low cost smartphones to the low income consumers has been effective to the market.
China’s market demand for smartphones may grow 28% in 2014. Digitimes said Chinese smartphone vendors have been gearing up to improve their product quality, boost their brand image and expand their sales networks to compete with foreign suppliers for a higher market share. Still, it said, Chinese vendors should make more efforts in differentiating their products from their rivals', to attract consumer interest, while these Chinese firms have to tighten inventory control in a bid to strengthen their bottom lines amid fierce competition from overseas.
Market demand for China smartphones for 2014 is expected to hit 436 million units, up 27.6 percent from 2013. The increase will be slower than the year-on-year rise of 184.4 percent and 50.1 percent, seen in 2012 and 2013, respectively.
China market demand is expected to ship 128 million smartphones overseas in 2014, Digitimes said. Lenovo Group and Huawei Technologies Co. are expected to ship 50 million units each in 2014, while ZTE Corp. and Coolpad will likely ship 37 million units each, Digitimes said. TCL's shipments could reach 26 million units, while Xiaomi is expected to ship 20 million units, the research firm said. (By Frances Huang)