We all know that the economic is currently suffering a global financial crisis and because of this market demand for labor decreased in the year 2013.<br/>
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Market Demand for Labor in 2014

According to International Labour Organization; Moreover, some 39 million people have dropped out of the labour market job prospects proved unattainable, opening a 67 million global jobs gap since 2007. Despite a moderate pick-up in output growth expected for 2013-2014, the unemployment rate is set to increase again and the number of unemployed worldwide is projected to rise by 5.1 million in 2013, to more than 202 million in 2013 and by another 3 million in 2014. .
It is really a big advantage if you go and graduated having a college degree. College educated workers’ higher earnings and lower unemployment are good reasons to go to college, and these benefits are also evidence of the market demand for college graduates. If employers are willing to pay more just to have college graduates work for them, you can assure of higher earnings. Lower unemployment means college graduates are more likely to find a job when they want one. .
The market demand for employment rate dropped and the trends of global unemployment for 2013 stated that 39 million people had dropped out of the labor market as job prospects proved unattainable, having 67 million global jobs gap since 1997. .
“Young people remain particularly stricken by the crisis, with some 73.8-million young people unemployed globally and the economic downturn likely to push another half a million into unemployment by 2014,” the ILO said. .
“Even with acceleration in growth, the global unemployment rate is expected to remain at 6% up to 2017 ? not far from its peak level in 2009. At the same time, the global number of unemployed in expected to rise further to some 210.6-million over the next five years,” the report said. .
Though there is less market demand for our potential employees because of global crises that affect our employment rate, it is good to know that many people still fighting for their living. There will come a time that our economic status will rise again as well as the market demand for labors. We just have to wait and work hard. .